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Creative PechaKucha Nights

Creative PechaKucha Nights

PechaKucha presentations are 6 minutes 40 seconds long and made up of 20 individual images that appear for 20 seconds each before automatically moving on. It’s simply about telling a story through images and our Creative PechaKucha Nights in Aberdeen are shining a light on the breadth and depth of the creative industries in the City and beyond. The University of Aberdeen secured the official handshake agreement with the Tokyo-based coordinators of PechaKucha and Look Again, RGU are delighted to partner with them so our Creative PechaKucha Nights are endorsed and shared online with PechaKucha events happening across 650 cities worldwide.

We're interested in hearing from any creatives out there who want to try out the PechaKucha format and have a strong, engaging creative narrative to present. These nights are similar to thousands running around the world; they are well respected because of their simple tried and tested format - interesting people talk about stuff they like/loathe/do/work on, and the audience listens and are inspired! There are a few rules - a massive no-no is people pitching/selling their wares, or events - no one likes a hard sell, but cheeky banter is totally fine! 

If you are interested in taking part in one of our Creative PechaKucha nights please email us at lookagain@rgu.ac.uk

Past Events:

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